I Like Coffee, I like Tea

Every month we like to organise a Quintessence Breakfast. Each of us takes it in turns to suggest a venue where we can pause our dieting ( if you believe that you’ll believe anything! ) and partake of a leisurely breakfast and discuss Quintet business followed by a short rehearsal as guests at one of our numbers houses. It was Richard our Baritones turn, and he suggested a newly opened cafe in his home village of Stanford in the Vale. The cafe provides food and drink to the residents of the village and is close by the local primary school and is popular with the parents whose children can use a creche in the building. We do not normally sing on these occasions but the staff were insistent that we sing a couple of songs before leaving. We were asked if we might return to do a more structured sing with the promise of a free breakfast. Well. We couldn’t resist could we. More about this in a later blog.